Criminele Registers ('crimboecken') van het Brugse Vrije

Criminal Registers ('crimboecken ') of the Liberty of Bruges
by Mr. Geert Tavernier

In this operation we find a summary of these records from the period March 1724 to January 1796.For this, 30 registers of the archives of the Liberty of Bruges were processed [Brugge Archives, E. Vanden Bussche, Inventaire des Archives de l'Etat a Bruges, Franc de Bruges, Bruges Registres 1881], ranging from the number 17014 to 17040. In this series there are two records which should bot have been there: numbers 17014 and 17018. These two registers dealing crimes within the city of Bruges, not in the Liberty of Bruges.

There was also an appeal to a register in the series 'Acquisitions'. This register belongs in fact to the above mentioned series, but seems accidentally not to have been stored there [Archives Bruges, Acquisitions (inventory 121), No. 635].

This covers personal information of all persons suspected of serious crimes within the Liberty of Bruges.

There occurs a hiatus for July 1775 to May 1777.

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